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R bar & grill's

first annual kickball tournament 


Bar & Grill


Monday - Tuesday: 4pm-2am
Wednesday - Sunday: noon-2am
Holidays: Closed Christmas, Thanksgiving & Easter (probably opening on these evenings though)


Call us AT:


To benefit the May River HS

Booster Club & Sports teams

Are you team captain material??  Of course you are! Every team needs a captain, and the captain is in charge of building a fun team!  Teams are encouraged to have fun with this event.  Create unique uniforms, shirts, hats, socks, etc.  The possibilities are endless...go for it!!  

Come pick up your captain packet at R Bar.  The packet includes:

(1) team sign up form

(10) participant information sheets

(10) participant waiver sheets

(10) sponsorship forms

(1) money envelope

​As team captain, you will be responsible for creating a team of 10 (including yourself), collecting all team funds and making sure all appropriate forms are filled out by the team & returned by the deadline.


Each team must choose a league to compete in - Traditional or Xtreme.


Team must consist of 10 players with a minimum of 4 females.  All ages can compete.  Games will be played on softball fields and last 45-60 min. long. Due to time restraints, there is a min. of 3 innings and a max. of 5 innings. Single round elimination. Mulligans are available for purchase.  Max. 10 mulligans per team.


Team must consist of 10 players.  Any age & gender. Games will be played on baseball fields.  Same time and inning rules as traditional.  Mulligans are available for purchase.  Max. 20 mulligans per team.


These are pre-printed tickets that each team can purchase for use on offense.  There will be 2 types of mulligans - a "kicking" mulligan for a messed up kick (foul ball or missed kick) & "buy a base" mulligan where a kicker doesn't have to kick and goes directly to first base (could result in a run).


$40 per player ( $400 per team).  all players will receive breakfast at check-in, lunch and water will be available on all fields.


Food, sodas and water will be available for purchase for non-participants.  Players receive complimentary breakfast, lunch and water.    Beer will be available for purchase for everyone 21 years  and older. 

Forms of Payment:

Cash & checks (made payable to R Bar & grill) are acceptable.  If a player NEEDS to pay by credit card, they may come into R Bar & grill and pay that way.  The player MUST turn their receipt into their captain so proof of payment is in the team envelope. 

Full Team:

Once you have a full team (10 players including captain), return filled out forms and full payment to R Bar & grill no later than SEPTEMBER 23, 2017.  Space is limited, so get those packets in early!!


Event Date:  Saturday October 7, 2017

Event time:  Check-in begins at 8am - 1st round games start at 9am

Event Location:  Richard Gray Stadium    205 Main street    Hardeeville, SC

Team Sign-up Deadline:  No later than SEPTEMBER 23, 2017

                                        Return packets to R Bar & grill   70 Pennington Dr., suite 1, Bluffton, SC

Captain Packet Pick up:  Friday October 6, 2017   5pm-8pm  @ R Bar

Contact Person:  Brittney Capria-Barrow



******VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - If you are interested in being a volunteer at the Kickball Tournament please email Brittney at BrittneyBarrow@yahoo.com*******